Red Nose Day 
is on a mission to end childhood poverty,
one nose at a time.

Comic Relief launched in the United Kingdom 
with the goal of using comedy to raise money & help those leading tough lives. 
The vision:
Creating a just world free from poverty. 
The movement continues to grow with every fundraiser held, 
TV special aired, partner enlisted & Red Nose sold. 
Globally, Red Nose Day has raised over $1 billion since its launch in the U.K. in 1988.

The Red Nose design changes every year.

This year Red Noses 
arrive with a touch of silver sparkle 
because giving children a brighter future is something to celebrate.

They are sold in Walgreens/Duane Reade.

I first heard about Red Nose Day when I moved to London.
It is massive there.
I bought these Red Nose Day items in the grocery.

Red Nose Day in US started in 2015.
In 3 years, 
they  have changed the lives of over 8 million children 
in America & around the world.

“I’ve seen firsthand how Red Nose Day USA has touched the lives of millions of children
—it’s been a true inspiration for me. I was honored to design this shirt and promote the message of Girl Power to young women and children around the world. Every t-shirt sold helps this incredible cause continue to ensure all children receive the love, care and support they need.” 
–Victoria Beckham

Spice up your life & your closet with this exclusive t-shirt from Victoria Beckham
—not only does it benefit Red Nose Day USA, 
it’s made in the USA with 100% super soft cotton 
&includes an awesome graphic designed by Victoria herself! 

$13 from each shirt will go to the Red Nose Day Fund
which supports programs that ensure children who are living in poverty 
are safe, healthy & educated. 
Half of the money supports programs right here in America 
& the other half supports programs around the world. 

Plus, the shirt is infused with a special blend of girl power, friendship & awesomeness 
(just like the Spice Girls)
—how can you not want (really, really want!) one?

Get yours here!

We were lucky to watch The Red Nose Day Special
Live ar Rockefeller Center
as shown in NBC earlier at 10 PM EST.

So many moving stories from Liberia, Uganda & Puerto Rico
from celebrities who went there first hand to see the plight of poor kids.

Amazing turn out!
They were able to beat the grand total last year!

Anne Hathaway

Olivia Munn

For more celebrities,
check my stories in Instagram:

For other celebrity campaigns for amazing experiences,
click here.

Did you get yours yet?

Are your noses on???

To learn more about Red Nose Day, click here.

#RedNoseDay #GoNosetoNose #NosesOn

Peace, GIVING & love,


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