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Clairol #Colorfearlessly

Change is in the hAIR!
Clairol’s NEW Nice N’ Easy  is surprising everyone!

Clairol spent a decade developing the next revolution in hair color.
Their patented technology introduces a new allergy gentle molecule.
The first change to a hair dye molecule in 60 years!

Gone were the days of hair color with a strong smell of ammonia. NOW, it has a fresh, floral scent!
It is also now easier to use! It is now in a creamy & non-drip formula.
Now you can #ColorFearlessly!
Get yours now & experience a revolution in hair color!
If you are in the NYC area  & looking for a fun & FREE thing to do for Easter weekend, check out  The Loft by Clairol Nice N’ Easy!
It is open from 10AM-7PM until Easter Sunday, April 1st.
It is located at 579 Broadway Soho, NY 10012

So you start with taking a picture of yourself in this tablet. Then you get to virtually try on their 54 shades! lol Choose which one you like the best & you get your PERSONALIZED product for FREE!
 Pick up station (On you…

Ikinari Steak

The idea behind Ikinari Steak  is to serve super thick high-quality meat quickly & economically. Therefore people stand while consuming their steaks.  It’s a fun, interactive, communal & brand new experience for New Yorkers.
They have storage bins under the table for your convenience.  Please don’t forget to ask staff to put a cloth on your belongings  so that you can keep them clean while enjoying our steak.
BUT--- we went to their new Midtown location & this one is a sit down. But for me, it is a pro not a con.

Ikinari Steak is a Japan-based standing steak restaurant chain owned by chef  & restauranteur Kunio Ichinose.  It opened in Tokyo in December 2013. It is a booming hit in Japan  with 187 locations (by the end of 2017) including over 60 locations in Tokyo City alone.  200 more locations opening in 2018. 
Steaks are cut to order, cooked on an open-fire & presented sizzling on a cast-iron platter.  Guests then drizzle the Japanese soy sauce based signature s…

Spot Dessert Bar

Spot is a dessert bar like no other. Traditional confections are re-imagined & spiked with dose of Asian flare.  They use unique ingredients like Green Tea, Kobacha, Yuzu & more.  Spot Dessert Bar is truly one of a kind.
It is fun to bring friends at Spot for the first time as it is a fun place to have desserts. Our friend came to the city from upstate NY to pre-celebrate her birthday  & we decided to bring her to Spot for desserts.
We ordered the 4 Tapas Special (it was too much for 4 of us as we were kind of full from dinner)
 This is the most famous dessert as it is so cute!

The birthday girl “watering” The Harvest 

Click here for their menu. Pls. note that they have seasonal items that are not in the menu.
They have 3 locations in Manhattan & 1 in Queens.

St. Marks
1. 13 St Marks Pl.,
New York, NY 10003
(917) 285-2278
SUN-WED : 12pm-12am
TUE-SAT : 12pm-1am

2. St. Marks Shoppe
5 St Marks Pl.,
New York, NY 10003
(212) 673-6745

11 W 32nd St Fl 2,
New York,…

Junior’s Cheesecake

Hail a taxicab anywhere in New York City and tell the driver,  "Take me to the best cheesecake in New York.”  Odds are you will end up at Junior's. 
Their story begins long before Opening Day in 1950. 

In 1929,  Harry Rosen opens a restaurant on the corner of Flatbush Ave Ext and DeKalb,  a luncheonette called the Enduro. 
Over the years, he expands the restaurant to several storefronts occupying the entire corner. 
After weathering several changes in the economy, including Prohibition and the Great Depression, Harry expands the Enduro to a full service restaurant with a night-club atmosphere  including a raised bandstand with live entertainment.
After World War II,  the returning servicemen did not have time or interest in visiting nightclubs and fancy restaurants.  Brooklynites were busy rebuilding–their lives, their families, the city and the country after the war.  The Enduro closed its doors in 1949.
Junior's landmark restaurant is known as the home of New York'…

“Soda” Substitute

When we got married,
we bought a Soda Stream
using our wedding gift money.

Powered by a CO2 cylinder,
allows you to turn tap water into sparkling water in an instant.

So easy!

That’s it!

Or 3rd step if you want it flavored.

The carbonating bottles are either glass or BPA-free plastic!

I bought it because:
*the hubby loves sparkling water
-it is a good soda replacement for that fizzy craving

*it is eco-friendly
-no trash from single use plastic bottles/cans

*you can always make sparkling water anytime
- you can offer sparkling or still to your guests!

*it saves you or delivery guy from carrying extra groceries

*if you want flavored sparkling water which is the trend now,
you have the flexibility to create your own sparkling drinks
by adjusting the fizziness & flavor level to your personal taste

I make my own Sprite/7-up to marinate my meats
like my homemade tocino that I made here.

Here is my DIY recipe!

Healthy Lemon & Lime "Soda"
1 cup sparkling water

Thursday Test

For my #adulting post related to water, do you know if your water is soft or hard?
When we lived in London, we experienced hard water & it was no fun.
Hard water will affect the performance & life expectancy of water-using appliances & will leave scale buildup on shower heads, fixtures, dishes, etc.
If your test shows you have a hardness level of 7 Grains Per Gallon or higher, you have hard water and will likely encounter above symptoms.
I know that the water here in our apartment in NYC is soft as we don’t have above symptoms, but I would like to show you the instructions on how you can check your water at home.
The good news is: the test is free & soooo easy!
For best results, please follow instructions carefully:
1. Collect cold water sample from a tap source that is not filtered or softened.

2. Remove your test strip from its packaging. Dip it into your water sample for 3 seconds (without motion).

3. After 3 seconds, remove the test strip & immediately match i…

Thursday Trivias

Join the celebration – World Water Day turns 25!
World Water Day, on 22 March every year,  is about focusing attention on the importance of water.  This year’s theme,  ‘Nature for Water’,  explores nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.

Fact Sheet
Thursday Trivias

Click here to learn more about World Water Day.

In line with #WorldWaterDay,
in what simple ways do you save water & take care of our environment?

I use a reusable water bottle from Swell
which I got from a white elephant exchange gift 2 years ago.

It even matches my desk!

It is not just beautiful,
but also sustainable
and charitable.

To learn more, click here.

To get this exact bottle, click here.
Or for same price but free shipping,
S'well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 17 oz, Teakwood

You can even personalized them!!!
Super love!

And of course,
who doesn’t love a SALE!!!

To find out on how Swell works with Unicef USA to provide clean water, click here.

Here are o…