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Homemade Tocino

TOCINO  is bacon in Spanish,  typically made from the pork belly,  which is popular in the Philippines due to the Spanish colonization.
In Caribbean countries, such as Puerto Rico and Cuba,  tocino is made from pork fatback (equivalent to slab bacon cut)  and neither cured nor smoked,  but just fried until very crunchy and added to recipes,  much like lardons in French cuisine.
When I was young, my mom used to make homemade tocino for our own consumption as well as a side business.
Different regions in the Philippines has their own version. Mine is more of what I've grown up with but has been altered for healthier reasons.
And no preservative or artificial color added.
You can freeze them for later consumption as well.
Before I start the recipe, I would like to share some info  on why I have altered the traditional ingredients. You can use whatever suits you.

*Traditionally in the Philippines, we use banana ketchup as it is sweet. But so far I haven't seen an organic version. …


April – concentration and memory
If you’re finding staying focused and remembering things a challenge,  then you’ll love our practical tips and natural remedies to help get you back in the zone. 
It’s often hard to stay focused, make decisions and remember important information.  Amongst day-to-day stresses, whether it’s a presentation at work or exam time revision,  your brain can sometimes need a bit of help to stay focused. 
Here are a few of the tips we’ve found most helpful:

If concentrating isn’t coming naturally,  you can train your brain one step at a time.  Start by eliminating distractions and focus on a single task for 30 minutes. Then build up your ‘focus stamina’ over time.  Regular meditation and reading can also help. So dig out that novel you’ve always wanted to read.

Start your day with a revitalising mug of Organic Refreshing Tea and a Cognitive Supplement – packed with all-natural ingredients including gingko biloba, vitamin B5 and …