We DRINK Pink on Wednesdays

If the Mean Girls say,
"We wear pink on Wednesdays"
the Healthy Girls say,
"We DRINK pink on Wednesdays!"

Join me as we (including boys and everyone from the LGBT community of course!)
drink pink every Wednesdays!

I'll post the recipes so you have something to "drink pink" with me.

To start,
I am sharing Deliciously Ella's
Strawberry, Banana & Almond Smoothie

1.5 banana
1 cup strawberry (preferably organic, why? click here.)
1/2 cup almond milk (or more depending on your consistency preference)
*1 tbsp ground flax seed 

Just mix them all together in the blender.
In just a minute, you now have your healthy pink drink!
Isn't that so easy?!


But why am I adding ground flax seed?
Is it because Deliciously Ella said so?
Because I am a professional health care worker
(for those who don't know,
I am a US Registered Nurse with a Masters degree who sub specialized in Complementary Therapy
and I practice as holistic nurse)
who has the ethical & moral responsibility to explain things to you.
Before I do something,
I research about it.
I just don't believe everything that the internet says.

here is a fact about flax seeds:

"Flax seeds are rich in the Omega-3 fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid (ALA),
which helps control inflammation and blood pressure, as well as other body functions.

Some studies have suggested a high intake of ALA may be associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. However, other studies have suggested that flaxseed may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Men at risk of prostate cancer are advised to seek medical advice before increasing intake of ALA."

Source: WebMD

So if you are not a fish eater
or simply wants to have Omega-3 fatty acid on your diet,
flax seed is a good substitute.

They are not expensive.
A bag will last you for a while since you usually only need a tablespoon of it.

If you have pink drinks to share,
as long as they are healthy,
I encourage you to please share it to me/us as well!

"We drink pink on Wednesdays."
-Healthy Girls
(Est. June 3, 2015)


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