Skin Sunday

Hi beautiful people!

It is Skin Sunday again!

For this Sunday,
we are trying Deliciously Ella's

Oatmeal, Honey and Banana Scrub Mask 

This is a 2-in-1 beauty product: 
soothing face mask
exfoliating face scrub.

Since I actually never exfoliated at home,
I decided to give this one a try.
According to studies,
we should exfoliate once a week.
Actually not just the face,
but the whole body.
Well, let's start with the face for now. lol

Here are the 3 simple ingredients:

---1 tbsp oats 
*contain amino acids which help to heal blemishes/spots and repair damaged skin 
*it is also a moisturizer, anti-inflammatory & has antioxidant properties
---1/2 tsp raw honey
**together they’ll help to relieve tired & inflamed skin
---1/4  banana
* has skin boosting vitamins, 
including the Vit. A & E which are ones of the most important for healthy skin

This is good for 1 use only.

1. Mash banana with a fork.
 2. Mix in the oats and honey. 
Do this all by hand
3. Massage the scrub into your skin for a few minutes.
I would suggest doing this over your sink 
as the oats will come off your face during this time.
*This is the scrub/exfoliation part.
The oats gently rub off all the dry, dead skin cells from your face.
It makes your skin clean and amazingly smooth.
4. Leave the rest of the mask on for about an hour.
*The mask is pretty much clear by this time 
as the oats have all been rubbed off so it’s primarily banana and honey
which are incredibly soothing
5. Then wash off with warm water and pat dry.

Then use your toner & moisturizer of choice.

*I recommend the Homemade Lemon-Lime Cucumber Toner.
Click here for the recipe if you missed it last Sunday.

Till next Sunday beauties!



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