Skin Sunday

If you remember,
I posted a month ago about starting a facial routine.
That was not successful unfortunately.

I was never been a person who does beauty regimens.
I'll go to bed even without washing my face.
But as I have reached the years of dirty thirty,
I have to start taking care of my skin.
And as I discussed my struggle with some girl friends,
one of them said,
"Your skin looks great. Maybe it's better that you don't put anything."
Reflecting on that,
I realized,
yes she is actually right.
Because how many chemicals are there in all our skin care products?
Quite a lot.

So as I am starting to be eat healthier,
I will also try to incorporate more natural & homemade products for my skin.

Every Sunday,
our topic will be beauty!

And I am very excited to announce that we will be having guests
who will share some of their healthy life hacks.

For the beauty section this week,
my dear friend and everyone's aunt,
Meriam or Tita M as we fondly call her,
is sharing one of her many beauty secrets!
You might mistake her for a teenybopper
but you won't believe if I say she's on her 50s!

This was actually taken on her 50th birthday!
So I think we should all give her beauty secret a try!


You will need:
1 medium-sized cucumber, peeled (preferably organic, why? click here.)
1 lemon or lime, juiced (I used 1/2 lime, 1/2 lemon)
small bottle or any container for the toner (I used a little jar)
 container for the pulp for the facial mask

Blend the cucumber without water.
Strain the cucumber puree then combine the juice
with the lemon/lime.
Do not discard the pulp as you can use this as a mask.
Refrigerate both.

*Use the toner  in the AM & PM using cotton balls/pads.
It can also be used a soothing eye mask 
by soaking 2 cotton pads with it 
and freezing for around 10 mins. or so.
Apply pads to each eye.

*Use the pulp as a facial mask 2x or 3x a week.

As always,
before applying the mask,
wash your face according to your regular routine.

  Put the mask on for as long as you can.

*The only downside of this is that since it is a soft pulp,
it doesn't stick to the skin.
So I stood in front of the sink as my face was dripping.
It doesn't get hard as well.
I let it stay between 5-10 mins.

Wash your face with warm water.

*My skin felt softer than usual.

Apply the toner with a cotton ball/pad.
Since the toner is cold,
it is also becomes a pore minimizer at the same time.

*It smells good and felt like a commercial toner.

Then follow with moisturizer of your choice. 

Now your skin is healthily hydrated!

See you next Sunday for our next skin sesh!



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