National Strawberry Parfait Day!

Perfect timing to have it because it is so hot today here in London!

Plus I have all the ingredients (leftovers!) in my fridge. haha

Healthy Strawberry Parfait

1. strawberries (preferably organic, why? click here.)
*I used coconut yogurt --- perfect for vegans & lactose intolerants
3. granola
*I used my homemade cinnamon pecan granola.
If you missed the recipe, click here.

***You might be wondering,
where's the sugar?
I skipped it.
If you want a sweetener,
I suggest you use raw honey or maple syrup or date syrup.

Cut strawberries into pieces.
Get a container of choice.
Layer yogurt and strawberries (and sweetener if desired).
Top with granola.

That's basically it!
So easy, healthy and yummy!


Homemade with love,


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