Happy National Iced Tea Day!

Happy National Iced Tea Day!
Today is the official start of the Iced Tea Month.

So if you fancy one,
here's the lowest calorie green tea iced tea 
that you'll surely love!


fresh mint leaves, washed (1/4 cup per person, around 5 big leaves) - I used my own plant! 
green tea bags (1 bag per person) - I used organic one
hot water, 500 ml per person
ice cubes
honey (or sweetener of your choice) -optional
lavender (optional)


Place mint leaves in a glass or pitcher. 
Crush gently with hands. Ah I love the smell and it leaves on your hands! 
Add tea bags and pour hot water over top.
Don't overfill. Leave room for ice later.
Refrigerate until cold.
Remove tea bags. *Save the used teabags on the side.
Add ice.
Add sweetener of choice if desired.
Sprinkle some lavender to add some sense of relaxation!
Or if you have a plant,
add some freshly cut leaves.

*for my ice cubes I placed small mint leaves per cube to add a little flair

Recycle the used tea bags by putting them in the fridge.
You can use them later tonight for an eye mask.
Or tomorrow as to help reduce puffy eyes!




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