Beetroot Juice

It's Wednesday again!

Are you a Mean Girl?
or a Healthy Girl?

On Wednesdays, we DRINK pink! 

We, referring to healthy girls. ;)

Since I have a juicer already,
I tried a pink juice for today.
But if you don't have one,
don't be mean.
You can still blend them.
Just a different texture but still same taste!

Here's Deliciously Ella's

Beetroot Juice

my beetroot juice and pink Gerbera daisy plant
1 cm piece of fresh ginger 
*I just cut a very small piece. No ruler involved. lol
1 medium red apple
1 medium beetroot
1 small cucumber
1 small fennel bulb
2 large carrots
*please don't go crazy with the sizes. I just use whatever that was available
*apple & cucumber preferably organic. Why? Click here.

Peel the skin off the beetroot (keeping it on makes the juice to earthy for her liking).
*I used the organic ones which was peeled already.
Add the ginger at the beginning with the apple to get the maximum flavour of it.
*See, even with juicing there's a perfect time for everything. :)
Put everything on the juicer.

Enjoy my healthy girls!



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