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Hi everyone!
I've received some queries about my post today of my spiralizer. I actually got it from a Secret Santa last Christmas  from my annual get-together with my friends in New York.

Santa apparently got it in Macy's. lol

If you click the link though, it is a different version of what I got. Mine is pure white and blades has no labels.

But the new one looks sturdier. It is the same price as Amazon so if you don't have a Macy's near you, you can just order from Amazon and just add $10 more and get free shipping (cheaper than Macy's as you need to have $99 in your cart to get shipping for free) and better if you have Amazon Prime.
I haven't used the ribbon cut as of yet. But I tried the thin & thick spiral.
For those who are in UK, unfortunately the exact same brand is not available here. BUT--- interestingly,  another brand looks exactly the same like mine! You can get it here. Plus it is free delivery!
They are very easy to use and very easy to clean…