Skin Sunday

For those who know me well,
I am NOT someone who has skin rituals.
It has always been my in my New Year's Resolutions or to do list
but never done it regularly.

I was fixing toiletries in the bathroom
and realized that I have bought a 6-pack box of Bliss Facial Mask.

So I said to myself,
maybe I'll start small.
This is only once a week anyways.
Seems doable.

And so I followed the instructions.
Wow! It is not easy as I thought it would be for a first timer.
The only time I get a mask is when I go for a facial once in a blue moon.
And on that occasion,
your eyes are closed so how in the world will I know how much was applied!

Here am I,
the home facial mask virgin!

I sent this pic to a trusted beauty guru friend of mine
and alas I put too much especially in my forehead.
She said "see looks like an iceberg!". hahaha

Thanks to technology that I called her after applying 
as I didn't know what to do after. lol

It's a lot of work I must say.
But I hope in time,
I'll get used to it & do it in no time.

That's how life should be,
we should be at least #BetterThanBefore.


P.S. What is your favorite facial mask brand? Or do you have any homemade recipe?

I would want to know. Cheers!


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