X-Factor Australia 2014 Winner: Marlisa Ann Punzalan

I know it's been a week since my this 15 year old
bagged the X-factor Australia 2014 title
but her her own single entitled
"Stand By You"
got stuck in my head and had an LSS (Last Song Syndrome)!

Oh how I loved the rhythm and lyrics!
And even though I'm not a good singer,
I've been singing it everyday ever since! lol

So for those who have heard her,
here are the very uplifting lyrics!

I feel like this song is great to dedicate to a friend, family, other half or anyone
who is going through a lot in their lives.

If you don't know her or haven't heard her single yet,
watch the vid and let us all sing along with her today
in Music Mondays!

Marlisa Ann Punzalan was born on 1 October 1999 and is from Glendenning, New South Wales.
She is of Filipino descent and began singing at the age of three.
In 2013, Punzalan auditioned for the seventh series of Australia's Got Talent but did not make it past the audition rounds and also attempted to audition for the first series of The Voice Kids but exceeded the age limit by one month.

Talk about standing by your dreams? 



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