The Queen sends her First Tweet!

This is so exciting!
My pseudo-mother,
Queen Elizabeth II,
just tweeted for the first time!

While opening the Information Age exhibit at London’s Science Museum,
she sent her first ever tweet from the official Twitter account of Buckingham Palace.

Being cool,
"Elizabeth R."!


The tweet’s author was then verified by the @BritishMonarchy account 
with a follow-up tweet and a photo of the Queen sending the message.

A statement from the museum said director Ian Blatchford had invited Queen Elizabeth to mark the occasion on social media. “I mentioned earlier that Queen Victoria took a great interest in the invention of the telephone, and Your Majesty has followed in this tradition of embracing new technology,” he told her. “You made the first live Christmas broadcast in 1957 and an event relished by historians took place on [March 26, 1976], when you became the first monarch to send an email, during a visit to the Royal Signals and Radar Establishment. May I now invite you to join me so that you may send your first tweet.”

It's about time mother dear! haha

Can't wait for her to join Instagram! haha



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