Adios, Maestro Oscar de la Renta...

When I heard the sad news that Oscar de la Renta passed away,
I thought,
oh man my dream of meeting him is crushed.

I don't even own a piece of his designs besides 2 silk scarves.
But I've always admired his designs.
And as I look back at my dream wedding board,
Oscar de la Renta designs are there of course.

 Amal Clooney was so lucky to have her  wedding dress designed last by De la Renta!
He was even in his wheelchair during the fittings...
See the story here.

So yesterday,
as I went on a meeting.
I used an Oscar scarf in his memory.

the fashion world mourned for his loss
after battling cancer for 8 years.

Oscar de la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic in 1932 and moved to Madrid, Spain to study when he was 18.
He soon developed a love of fashion design and began an apprenticeship with different designers.
He made his name in the early 1960s when then first lady, Jackie Kennedy, wore his designs. He criticized the FLOTUS for not wearing American designers. And weird enough, finally Michelle Obama wore his designs just recently! (talk about premonitions?!)

embroidered navy dress from the designer's fall 2014 collection

Michelle Obama finally wore an Oscar de la Renta creation to a cocktail party for the Fashion Education Workshop she hosted at the White House on October 9th.

Over the following decades he dressed nearly every first lady, models and celebrities including my fave Oscar de la Renta muse, Sarah Jessica Parker. 

"Fashion is a trend, style lives within a person."
-Oscar de la Renta


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