Bath-coholics: Abbey Ales, Bath Ales and Bath Gin

Abbey Ales

Abbey Ales is the first and only brewery in the historic city of Bath
and has been brewing for over 50 years.

The range of beers produced includes Bellringer Best Bitter and Bellringer Maximus,
a strong hoppy brew made from Wiltshire Maris Otter malt
and finished with the finest Worcestershire hops.

Bellringer is the top selling cask bitter in Bath and
is as popular with the many visitors to the Georgian city as it is with Bathonians.

The Coeur de Lion:
the smallest pub in Bath

with my Bellringer
and (my third different brand)  pork scratchings
(will share on a different post)

Bath Ales

Bath Ales is an independent brewery based in Bristol,

producing distinctive beers such as
Gem (a bitter-sweet amber ale),
Dark Side (a delicious chocolaty stout),
and seasonal favourites such as Festivity (the winter porter).

Bath Ales can be found in many local pubs including the brewery’s own establishments,
The Hop Pole, The Salamander and Graze Bar.

*Unfortunately, we forgot to taste this during the trip
but will def taste it soon!

Bath Gin

The Canary Gin Bar,

tucked away down the cobbled Queen Street,
is a gin lovers paradise.

Canary: The Home of the Bath Gin

Alongside a well stocked bar packed full of different gins,
don't miss the unique Bath Gin,
the recipe for which was created here in the city using local ingredients.

The Bath Gin has been created by owner of The Canary, Peter Meacock
with the help of expert mixologist Tim Whelehan.

The team chose ten botanicals: 
Juniper, Cassia, Lemon Peel, Burnt Orange Peel, Liquorice, Cardamon, Angelica and Cubeb Berries with two further and unusual additions:
Wormwood, famously used in the distillation of Absinthe, 
and Kaffir lime leaf, used in the Rums of Madagascar, Reunion and Martinique.

The result is a gin which is bright and fruity and citrussy and fresh - it’s a canary-like flavour!

We had a Bath Gin and tonic.
I had it with Elderflower tonic and even though I am NOT a fan of gin,
damn it was deliciously refreshing!

Now, I'll have to make it at home.
Preferably while in the bath tub! lol

"Gin" Austen! hahaha

There are currently only 1,000 bottles of the Bath Gin, all branded with a picture of a winking Jane Austen.

“In most pictures Jane Austen looks quite severe,” said Peter.
“And she has this image of being not necessarily prim and proper, but very correct.

“Actually, she was quite a naughty girl.
She liked her young men and she liked her gin and we wanted to show that side of her.”

“We have ambitions of having a distillery in Bath,” he said.
“But that’s a way off yet. In the meantime we are going to do some other gins.
This is the Canary edition, and we are planning a LHOOQ edition,
named after the Salvador Dali picture of Mona Lisa with a moustache
with a picture of Jane Austen with a moustache on the label, a
nd also a Bath edition which will be a bit more mass market with a slightly lower price point.”

Omg! This would be a hilarious pic!


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