#UBERicecream 2014 in NYC

Summer is arriving now!

#UBERicecream is back and sweeter than ever!

For the complete list if the ice cream you had in in your area,
click here.

Since I never experienced this before 
and the heat of the New York City summer needed an ice cream today,
I decided to try it for fun!

So this was the inside scoop for New York:

The usual helicopter option was changed to ICE CREAM! lol

The ice cream truck is in my hood so it was perfect!

I got a call from Jack that he's here!

Yup! In front of our building!

Mister Softee is the one for me!

#UBERicecream it is!

And of course meet Jack!
But I'm not Jill
and there's no beanstalk here.
At least I'm wearing "Rose" colored tank top!

Thanks for the Swag UBER & Mister Softee!
Really nice neon tank made by American Apparel.

For those of you who doesn't have an UBER account yet,
download UBER app on your smartphone
and get FREE $30 on your 1st ride.
Or save it for next year's #UBERicecream! ;)

Here's the promo code for your FREE $30 on your 1st UBER ride:

Just apply the code under the PROMOTION tab
and viola,
enjoy your OWN PRIVATE DRIVER! ;)

'Till next year #UBERicecream!

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