Princess in the Park

Having lived near Central Park in New York City,
I am so happy that Hyde Park is not far from our flat.

This reminds me of Boathouse!
I would love to have tried their summer drinks 
but too jet lagged to do so.

 will def try the boats next time!

 no fence = more fun

I thought it said:
Please don't walk on the Memorial or in the water.

Ooopsss! lol

Reminds me more of the carousel in Bryant Park in NYC.

I love rock art.
It has a calming effect on me.

I got lucky to see this art installation during our walk in Hyde Park. 

 Chilean architect Smiljan Radić has designed the fourteenth Serpentine Pavilion.
Open until 19 October.

 A semi-translucent, cylindrical structure that resembles a shell and rests on large quarry stones, 
this year’s Pavilion occupies 350 square metres of the Serpentine’s lawn 
and is home to and inspiration for the Park Nights series of events.

 the "shell" is made of plaster

That's me inside the square hole! lol

To learn more about the Serpentine Pavillion 2014, click here.

For sure I'll spend a lot of time in Hyde Park during my stay in London.

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