Keep Calm and Carry On

It seems like yesterday when I left the Philippines
with hopes to have a better future.

And after 7.5 years of stay in New York,
now I'm here in London.

It was a pretty tough decision I must admit.
But the opportunity to live in a 3rd continent is rare 
and I had to take it.

It was so hard to leave my family, friends and career behind.
But hey, USA!
I'll be back soon before you know it!

I remember my arrival in Los Angeles, CA when I moved to US.
The immigration officer thought I was a real "Princess" 
and let someone help me with my luggage!
And Social Security Administration gave my SSN via phone.
The perks of being named "Princess" started to be fun!
(Thanks Mom & Dad! I love you!)

And my move in the UK is rather quite lovely!
(in a Brit accent of course!)
I saw the immigration officer's eyes perk up 
as he saw my name in the system.
He said that I'm surely living up to my name with a smile.
And then he said, "Enjoy London and Carry On".

The jet lag was not fun.
Losing 5 hours was terrible.
Despite running on 2 hours of sleep,
I still went out to see the beautiful City of London.

I had my first cab ride.
I might miss the yellow cabs of NYC
but I guess I love the cabs here more!

My first meal of course should be the "national dish" of the UK:
fish and chips

 Felt like I was floating so we just went to the first place where they serve fish and chips.

so much history

Serving the Finest Fish and Chips

As much as I would fancy a pint of beer,
a lil dose of caffeine was what I needed.

Traveling for me is my way of learning new things.
So here's what I have learned about the origin of fish and chips.
Click here.

For those who don't know,
chips is actually fries.

The chips in a bag is called 'crisps' here in UK.
(Yup, I have to get used to the terms and expressions!)  

 another British food,
sausage with gravy
(which I actually loved too!)

the fish and chips I got here was really good!
Coming from the US,
it was so delish!
(not the flour tasting at all!)

I def will try the "best" fish and chips in UK during my stay.
To my friends in UK or to those who have been in London,
where is your fave fish and chips?

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***I have more to share but I'm finally sleepy at 2:30 am London time.


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