Flores in Londres

This jet lag is not fun
and I'm in need of something to perk me up.

To tire myself and hopefully
go to bed earlier,
we walked around the neighborhood.

Britain in Bloom is the largest horticultural campaign in the United Kingdom.

This year is its 50th Anniversary.

The winners for the competition will be announced in September.

While walking,
I've noticed these blue round signs on some of the houses.

these are historical landmarks.

And after some Lebanese food (they have a lot of them here!),
we also decided to walk home and burn those calories.

In the corner of our street is a flower stand
which is literally called "The Flower Stand".

My fiance got me a bunch of pink long stemmed roses
and eucalyptus.

And since I don't have vases yet,

I decided to use these tall glasses for the living room

and recycle the wine bottles for the kitchen.

These flowers have indeed have perked me up!

And even when the roses wither,
the eucalyptus will still be of good use for a while!

Talk about practicality?

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