Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Collection

Now you can have RED NAILS,
not just RED SOLES!

Today is the launch of Christian Louboutin Nail Polish.

Back in 1992, surveying one design from his third signature footwear collection,
Christian Louboutin was dismayed that the actual shoe
wasn’t as colorful and compelling as his original sketch, especially underneath.

And so he snatched a jar of nail varnish from an assistant,
who howled in protest,
and his famous red soles were born.

was exclusively launched in Saks 5th Ave New York City Flagship Store today
with the Louboville displays.
taken at Saks 5th Ave Flagship Store

one of the Louboville displays at Saks 5th Ave

This will be available officially for sale on August 6th but is already available in Saks 5th today.

The entire 30 shade collection will launch on August 31st.

The 16-faceted bottle, produced by Pochet, has its edges smoothed with a hand-held flame.

It takes 22 weeks to make each bottle and box.

This long-wearing, chip resistant formula is highly pigmented with luxe, glossy color and UV protection to keep the color true. 

Two coats give the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer, with a brilliant shine. 

A custom-designed, patented triangular brush ensures precise application, while shorter bristles pick up the right amount of product, preventing air bubbles and ensuring flawless coverage. 

Formulated without Toluene, Formaldehyde, or DBP. 0.4 oz. Made in USA.

With these features, is it worth to splurge $50?

I had the option to buy one but I just can't just seem to justify a $50 nail polish!

I wonder how many bottles of this can you use to paint your own red sole? ;)


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