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National Lipstick Day

I love the Rockettes and I know I can never be one! lol

In honor of National Lipstick Day, I'll share to you  (for those who don't know yet) the red lips secret of the Rockettes.

The Rockettes always wear red lipstick. And I found out that most of them wear MAC Red or Russian Red. Some uses MAC Ruby Woo.

To increase its longevity:
1. They fill in their lips with a lip pencil. Most use MAC Brick or Cherry.
2. Apply lipstick.
3. Top lipstick off with a clear sealer. Most use Cosmetically Sealed Sealed with a Kiss.
So now you know the 'Secret'! You have enough time to be a Rockette for Halloween or just add the look for the Christmas festivities this year!
What is your favorite lipstick?
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Flores in Londres

This jet lag is not fun and I'm in need of something to perk me up.

To tire myself and hopefully
go to bed earlier,
we walked around the neighborhood.

Britain in Bloom is the largest horticultural campaign in the United Kingdom.

This year is its 50th Anniversary.

The winners for the competition will be announced in September.

While walking,
I've noticed these blue round signs on some of the houses.

these are historical landmarks.
And after some Lebanese food (they have a lot of them here!), we also decided to walk home and burn those calories.
In the corner of our street is a flower stand which is literally called "The Flower Stand".

My fiance got me a bunch of pink long stemmed roses and eucalyptus.

And since I don't have vases yet,

I decided to use these tall glasses for the living room

and recycle the wine bottles for the kitchen.

These flowers have indeed have perked me up!
And even when the roses wither, the eucalyptus will still be of good use …

Princess in the Park

Having lived near Central Park in New York City, I am so happy that Hyde Park is not far from our flat.
This reminds me of Boathouse! I would love to have tried their summer drinks  but too jet lagged to do so.
 will def try the boats next time!

 no fence = more fun

I thought it said: Please don't walk on the Memorial or in the water.
Ooopsss! lol

Reminds me more of the carousel in Bryant Park in NYC.
I love rock art. It has a calming effect on me.
I got lucky to see this art installation during our walk in Hyde Park. 
 Chilean architect Smiljan Radić has designed the fourteenth Serpentine Pavilion. Open until 19 October.
 A semi-translucent, cylindrical structure that resembles a shell and rests on large quarry stones,  this year’s Pavilion occupies 350 square metres of the Serpentine’s lawn  and is home to and inspiration for the Park Nights series of events.
 the "shell" is made of plaster
That's me inside the square hole! lol
To learn more about the Serpentine P…

Keep Calm and Carry On

It seems like yesterday when I left the Philippines with hopes to have a better future.
And after 7.5 years of stay in New York, now I'm here in London.

It was a pretty tough decision I must admit. But the opportunity to live in a 3rd continent is rare  and I had to take it.
It was so hard to leave my family, friends and career behind. But hey, USA! I'll be back soon before you know it!
I remember my arrival in Los Angeles, CA when I moved to US. The immigration officer thought I was a real "Princess"  and let someone help me with my luggage! And Social Security Administration gave my SSN via phone. The perks of being named "Princess" started to be fun! (Thanks Mom & Dad! I love you!)
And my move in the UK is rather quite lovely! (in a Brit accent of course!) I saw the immigration officer's eyes perk up  as he saw my name in the system. He said that I'm surely living up to my name with a smile. And then he said, "Enjoy London and Carry On&…

Fifty Shades of Grey

2 years might have passed since I read the trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey and they maybe in the basement now for storage--- but that doesn't mean I already forgot about the books.
I might be personally happier if the movie had came out sooner but oh well! At least the sneak peak is out now. But damn we still have to wait for Valentine's Day 2015!
After the teaser came out on July 20th, the official trailer is out today!


Official Trailer
Are you still excited to see this movie or the excitement of the book has been long gone?

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Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Collection

Now you can have RED NAILS, not just RED SOLES!

Today is the launch of Christian Louboutin Nail Polish.

Back in 1992, surveying one design from his third signature footwear collection,
Christian Louboutin was dismayed that the actual shoe
wasn’t as colorful and compelling as his original sketch, especially underneath.

And so he snatched a jar of nail varnish from an assistant,
who howled in protest,
and his famous red soles were born.
was exclusively launched in Saks 5th Ave New York City Flagship Store today
with the Louboville displays.
This will be available officially for sale on August 6th but is already available in Saks 5th today.
The entire 30 shade collection will launch on August 31st.
The 16-faceted bottle, produced by Pochet, has its edges smoothed with a hand-held flame.
It takes 22 weeks to make each bottle and box.
This long-wearing, chip resistant formula is highly pigmented with luxe, glossy color and UV protection to keep the color true. 
Two coa…

#UBERicecream 2014 in NYC

Summer is arriving now!
#UBERicecream is back and sweeter than ever!

For the complete list if the ice cream you had in in your area, click here.
Since I never experienced this before  and the heat of the New York City summer needed an ice cream today, I decided to try it for fun!
So this was the inside scoop for New York:

The usual helicopter option was changed to ICE CREAM! lol
The ice cream truck is in my hood so it was perfect!
I got a call from Jack that he's here!
Yup! In front of our building!
Mister Softee is the one for me!
#UBERicecream it is!
And of course meet Jack! But I'm not Jill and there's no beanstalk here. At least I'm wearing "Rose" colored tank top!
Thanks for the Swag UBER & Mister Softee! Really nice neon tank made by American Apparel. #MadeinUSA
For those of you who doesn't have an UBER account yet,
download UBER app on your smartphone
and get FREE $30 on your 1st ride.
Or save it for next year's #UBERicecream! ;)