Twitter Tuesday: #EatRED, #DrinkRED and Save Lives

For those who know me,
I am not big in Twitter.

But today,
guess who's #6 on the TopMention for 3 hrs!

Read the post & find out why. =P

Since last year,
I have been a supporter of RED.
As a pediatric nurse then,
I have encountered a lot of babies to teens who have HIV transmitted from their mothers.

When you buy (RED) from the world’s most iconic brands, 
they donate up to 50% of the proceeds to fight AIDS. 
We’re at a tipping point in the fight - 
with action and urgency, 
it’s possible for the world to end the transmission of HIV from moms to their babies.

Penfolds from Australia has become a staple in our wine bar.

And Belvedere vodka for our cocktails.

This June 1-10,
some restaurants in the nation is joining the campaign.

So today,
Dominique Ansel took over RED's Twitter account.

Anyone can ask him questions.
It was timing that I logged in to Twitter!
I don't have anything I mind since it was so random.
Excuse my first question.
It was so stupid. lmao

I can't! hahaha

In all fairness,
he really knows me even though I change my hairstyle when he sees me!
(pics to be posted next time. lol)
I am actually very impressed because of the tons of fans he already met.
I have a huge respect for Dominique Ansel.
He is an inspiration for many people including me.

"We were quite poor and so didn’t have money to afford much in the way of candies and treats. 
We did always have great croissant and Buche de Noels for Christmas...."

I can go on & on. But the point is,
he is a very humble person.

I personally haven't tried this yet.
We all should try it before spring menu is officially gone!
Plus, we get to help save lives too!

*will update blog on the new dessert coming out for the summer menu

Strawberry Guava Pavlova: 
fresh strawberry slices cover a yogurt cream dome with strawberry meringue 
and guava compote in the center; 
seasoned with a bit of microbasil

So he asked,
and I answered.
So funny that he also goes to Ivan Ramen.

Ivan Ramen's Spicy RED Chili Ramen (top right)

When you order this from June 1-10,
portion of the proceeds will go to the cause.

*I know. Too much food for a small person like me. Sorry, I am a foodie.

Finally, I was in proper mind to ask the "real" questions. lol

Would you believe that he tried aligue?!

"Aligue" is crab eggs/roe.

In all fairness, 
he thought adobo was good! lol

We should send him some pandesal! haha

He is definitely someone who knows the charity he's helping and not just for a show.

So what are you waiting for,
#BuyRED, #ShopRED,
#EatRED, #DrinkRED and Save Lives!

Check out for more details.


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