Wedding Wednesday

For the book lovers,
(and movie lovers)
this Wedding Wednesday is for you.

In the summer of 2010,
My friend & I met this lady while having lunch at then Mesa Grill.
(Ah I miss Mesa Grill! Paging Bobby Flay! lol)

She was sitting beside us and I saw her with books in her table.

another leftie like me!

Being Miss Congeniality,
I asked if she is the author of the book.
And alas, she was!
We got a signed copy of her book.

 Meet J. Courtney Sullivan

with her pic in the back of the book

My connection with Courtney stayed all these years.

Fast forward to 2014,
the title of this book is perfect for my upcoming graduation!
Can't believe I'm attending my Commencement Ceremony in Radio City soon!

She wrote another book entitled, "Maine".
Maine was named Best Book of the Year by Time magazine
and Washington Post Notable Book for 2011.

And last year, "The Engagements" came out.

I'll share a very strange story about my connection to this book.
I messaged Courtney on March 24, 2013
congratulating her on the release of The Engagements and asked her if she can sign one for me.
On March 24, 2014,
I got engaged!

the cover of the book is exactly what my hand looked like when I got engaged!
(I didn't mean the pose! lol)
The hand on the cover of the book is wearing red nail polish---
which was my nail polish when I got engaged!
The ring on the cover seems to be princess cut---
which was the engagement ring I got!

What a crazy coincidence isn't it?!

I told her the news and now I have a signed copy of it!
Thank you so much Courtney! xoxo

The Engagements is one of People's magazines Top 10 Books of 2013
and Irish Times Book of the Year

It is soon to be a major motion picture produced by Reese Witherspoon and distributed by Fox 2000, and it will be translated into 17 languages!

So what are you waiting for?
Grab a copy now and read it before it hit the big screen!

Go to your nearest Barnes & Noble or click here
in Indiebound or click here
in Powells or click here
or buy it in Amazon, click here

my favorite quote!

From the New York Times best-selling author of Commencement and Maine comes a gorgeous, sprawling novel about marriage—about those who marry in a white heat of passion, those who marry for partnership and comfort, and those who live together, love each other, and have absolutely no intention of ruining it all with a wedding.

Evelyn has been married to her husband for forty years—forty years since he slipped off her first wedding ring and put his own in its place. Delphine has seen both sides of love—the ecstatic, glorious highs of seduction, and the bitter, spiteful fury that descends when it’s over. James, a paramedic who works the night shift, knows his wife’s family thinks she could have done better; while Kate, partnered with Dan for a decade, has seen every kind of wedding—beach weddings, backyard weddings, castle weddings—and has vowed never, ever, to have one of her own.

As these lives and marriages unfold in surprising ways, we meet Frances Gerety, a young advertising copywriter in 1947. Frances is working on the De Beers campaign and she needs a signature line, so, one night before bed, she scribbles a phrase on a scrap of paper: “A Diamond Is Forever.” And that line changes everything.

A rich, layered, exhilarating novel spanning nearly a hundred years, The Engagements captures four wholly unique marriages, while tracing the story of diamonds in America, and the way—for better or for worse—these glittering stones have come to symbolize our deepest hopes for everlasting love.

To learn more about the author and her works,
check her out at

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