Shortall Saturday!

This week,
I had a taste of what summer is gonna be like.
Besides the rain,
it has been hot and humid.

So I decided to finally use my shortall!

Shortalls and overalls are having a comeback!
The 90s fashion is back!
I remember we call it "jumper" when I was in grade school.

Back then, 
this is how we did it!
(For the younger generation who's reading this,
yup, I agree, it is a def OMG! lol)
All the cool kids always had one strap undone.

Or the whole top part is undone! 

I won't forget that Sunday I pulled this Destiny's Child look to church!
And oh boy, I heard a "sermon" from my grandpa! Hahaha

Oh well,
these were the things that made us cool back in the day.

But 18 years later,
here I am again trapped in overalls and shortalls!

snack time at The Plaza Food Hall
I have always loved the "P" engraved in the concrete.
Because then I can pretend it is mine. lol
For those who don't know me,
my real name is Princess.

The good news about the new shortalls & overalls 
is that they are not just made in denim anymore!

Like this one from blogger, Arielle Nachmani during BeBe's Summer Launch
last Thursday.
She's wearing a sexy faux leather shortfalls by Bebe of course.

So are you ready to reminisce our 90s?
Buy a shortall or overall now!

I am looking forward to see your pics! ;)

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  1. oh!! you met arielle. how tall is she?

    1. Michaela, I personally don't know her height but if you check her stats on her new collar, she's 5'9.5". Hope it helps!

    2. meant collar. auto correct! lol

    3. aw really, i always thought she was tiny and short! i asked because she looks tall in this picture

    4. I was actually surprised how tiny she was! I am already skinny to begin with. And see how I actually look "fat" beside her! lol

    5. you're skinny too, i personally think she's the extreme of skinny but not in a good way. i love her outfits though!! i'm tall and i would like to weat heels every day but i feel so insecure, i wonder how she does it and seems not to worry

    6. plus, those huge heels in winter. my feet would freeze! i wonder if she dresses like that only for the photos

    7. Lucky you! I always have to wear heels to look tall! lol Oh don't feel insecure! I am personally used to heels. But like everybody says, there's a price to pay if you want to look beautiful. Sometimes, your feet are tired already but you still have to keep those heels on to look good! The heels on the winter are all just for photos or special occasions sweetie. Even Manolo Blahnik doesn't approve of it! He said we should dress up according to the weather. I guess I should post the video & pics of that in my blog when I met him. So get those heels, feel confident & strut it out girlfriend!

    8. awww you deserve to feel good about yourself! where are you from? do you have instagram?


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