Nutella's Golden Anniversary!

I love Nutella!
I started to be obsessed with it in my teens.

I can live in this jar. lol

I can have a banana, Nutella & milk and my breakfast is complete.
But my crepe won't be complete without it!
my favorite crepe is banana (with any other fruits) with Nutella

my dream Nutella jar

I want to steal this giant Nutella jar.
But alas, I'm in Vatican!
The Pope won't approve!

This May, Nutella turns 50!

And the Nutella truck is having a tour!
Today's stop is NYC!

I love Nutella like I love NY!

I am a banana + Nutella person
Nutella is in the Big APPLE!

So why not an apple + Nutella!

Cheers to the Big Apple!
Fresh red apple, Nutella and the my favorite Empire State Building!

with one of my life inspirations, Dominique Ansel

And the highlight (well at least for me!),
is Dominique Ansel's collaboration with Nutella!
He grew up eating Nutella so he made Nutella-filled Cronut holes!
The first 1,000 people from 10 AM - 2 PM (while supplies last)
were given free Cronut holes.
This is his first ever Cronut holes.
Will we see them in the store soon? ;)

That means that 400 people already went!
*2 Cronut holes per person

The Dominiqe Ansel Bakery team!

That's one happy Nutella Ambassador!

I am happy!
Thanks Nutella & Dominique Ansel for spreading happiness!


Nutella-filled Cronut Hole + Flatiron Building = I love NY


I am happy I am engaged to a guy who knows my love for Nutella!
When we travel,
he already knows that I need Nutella & Go to be on the go!

Again, Happy 50th Anniversary Nutella!

Do you love Nutella like I do?
Share your Nutella stories!

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