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Christian Louboutin Paris Passage

THE RITE OF "PASSAGE" by Christian Louboutin

Known for his iconic red soles,  Christian Louboutin also makes a great handbag. 
Over twenty years ago, Christian Louboutin opened his first boutique in the Galerie Vero-Dodat, a historic covered walkway in the heart of Paris know familiarly as the "passage".

This year, he is introducing a new handbag collection as an homage to this symbolic center of the  Louboutin universe.
When I went to Paris in 2012, visiting this boutique was in my bucket list. And is a really picturesque place.

The new Passage handbag collection pays homage to the GalĂ©rie Vero-Dodat –the first arrondissement “passage” widely recognized for its luxury and decadence– where Louboutin opened his first flagship boutique over two decades ago.

The Passage is a sleek, modern handbag with classic feminine details.

Available as a large shoulder bag,
a messenger,
and a mini messenger,
the versatile bag can be handheld,
or worn with either cross body
 or on the shoulder with a det…

Nutella's Golden Anniversary!

I love Nutella!
I started to be obsessed with it in my teens.

I can have a banana, Nutella & milk and my breakfast is complete.
But my crepe won't be complete without it!