The Thread Thursday: A week after my Twirling Thursday!

After a dream-come-true of meeting Sarah Jessica Parker in February,
it still feels like a dream that I've met her.

Thank goodness for pictures that will keep that memory with me forever.

If you've missed my meet-up with SJP 
and her shoe collection launch,
here are the links:

(You can also see me in my previous posts wearing the SJP Collection.)


In today's Nordstrom's blog:
 Guest Designer Editor 

For the fourth installment of Sarah Jessica Parker’s guest editor series, the designer pays tribute to six women who represent SJP Collection street style. From Morocco to New York City to Los Angeles, watch the creative vision of Sarah Jessica and partner George Malkemus come to life in true fashionable form.

And yes, I was chosen to represent the place that I truly love, NEW YORK!

Hello, Spring: Princess May Jubilo is an NYC-based blogger and shoe enthusiast. Clearly ready for spring, she gives her ‘Etta’ Pumps in Pink Mauve a twirl in Bryant Park.

This picture is fantastically exuberant. The way the skirt flies just captures your attention. It’s like an editorial campaign. Princess clearly has fun with shoes. She has a passion for dressing, and this photograph really tells that story. The Etta just looks gorgeous on.

For the whole article, click here.

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