The BIG Egg Hunt '14 in the BIG Apple

If you've walked around New York City in the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, 
you may have come across two-and-a-half-foot-tall eggs.

299 more egg-shaped creations are scattered throughout New York City 
as a part of the 2nd Annual Fabergé Big Egg Hunt
(Last year's event took place in London.) 
In the month leading up to Easter Sunday, 
Fabergé is hosting a very big hunt of these very big eggs, 
each one created by a different famous artist.

Like any Easter hunt, 
participants try and find as many eggs as they can. 

But unlike a typical Easter egg hunt, 
the game extends throughout New York City's five boroughs, 
and participants "collect" their finds not in a basket, 
but using Fabergé's Big Egg Hunt app. 
The person who locates the most eggs 
has the chance to win "precious gemstone pendants" 
worth tens of thousands of dollars each, 
care of Fabergé.

As I did not aggressively did egg hunting,
it was not bad to "collect" 1/8 just by accidentally passing by them.

These three, I saw in Flat Iron Building:

These were in Columbus Circle:

I found Waldo!


And these in Rockefeller Center:


I know that some of you will love the eggs so much that you will want to take them home.
Well, good news!
They sell hand painted, limited edition ostrich eggs ($130)
 and mini eggs ($45)
of the most popular designs in the New York collection.
They also have bags, postcards and tshirts.

You can find them in:
Saks  Fifth Avenue, 9th Floor
Time Warner Center, 2nd Floor

You can also shop then online here.

So if you want to see all the eggs,
they are in display.
Head to Rockefeller Center today!

It's a free, fun and family-friendly activity in NYC!

Have an EGG-cellent Easter everyone!


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