Savings Saturday!

Summer is coming!
This Saturday, I'll tell you how you can have some savings!

This swimsuit set only costed $3.90!
The cheapest I ever had!!!

These are brand new.
They are not clearance.
Not even on sale.
In fact,
they are still to be officially released on May 1st!

The top & bottom costs only $4.95 each!
Plus I got a $6 gift from Wrapp app.

If you don't have the app yet,
download it now!

And this week when you buy in store,
they give you a $5 gift card to use on your next purchase!
Isn't that awesome?!

And they are the exact ones modeled by Gisele Bundchen in this photo.

She's the world's highest-paid supermodel with a figure that most of us can only dream of.
And this summer,
she is showing off her million-dollar curves in all their glory
as the face and body of H&M's Summer '14 campaign.

The Brazilian beauty, 33, in addition to showcasing her toned and tanned bikini body
in the stunning swimwear shoot,
 the catwalk queen has recorded a cover of iconic Blondie track Heart Of Glass.

The song was produced by acclaimed French DJ Bob Sinclair
who worked alongside Gisele for the remix of the 1979 track.

Displaying her incredible beach body,
the mother-of-two croons into a microphone as the ocean can be seen as a backdrop behind her.
Can you believe she's a mother of two?!

Last year,
she recorded another cover for H&M
doing the iconic Kinks hit All Day And All Night.
The record was made available on iTunes and raised money for charity.

Surrounded by a wall of speakers,
the wind whips at the model's gorgeous luxurious mane
as she prances about in an animal-print two piece.
(top & bottom, also $4.95 each)

In lieu of Gisele's animal-print two piece she wore in the video,
I chose the other style for the top & bottom.

I got the convertible bikini top
(can be w/ or w/o straps)
for also $4.95.
And for a change,
I chose the high waisted bottom
for $14.95.
It is actually my first one so far.
So for this set,
I only paid $14.90!
I used the $5 gift card.

 These white eyelet pair also costs $4.95 each.
Both costed me, $3.90 again as I used another free $6 gift from Wrapp app.
when you give gifts to your friends,
you also earn a gift for yourself!

top, $9.95
bottom, price TBA

*I personally haven't seen this set

dress, $14.95
necklace, price TBA
*I personally haven't see necklace.
excuse my selfie!
I'm still a work in progress...

This dress is sheer.
Perfect as a cover up.
It can be used as a summer dress if you put a tube/spaghetti dress underneath.
This dress has a cutout in the back.
(Forgot to take pic, ooops!)
I feel like this was created for taller people with longer torso. lol
Otherwise for the price of $14.95,
it can't be beat!

short, $12.95
shirt, price TBA

These shorts are very comfortable and don't look cheap at all!
Great buy!
*I personally haven't seen the top.

hat (forgot price!)
top, $9.95
shorts, price TBA

Nothing special about the hat. lol
This top is really nice for the price!
It is made of very nice material.
Unfortunately, only a few pieces were out and I didn't have a size.
*I personally haven't seen the shorts.

visor cap, $12.95
top, price TBA
pants, $14.95

The visor cap is made of terry cloth and is cute.
*I  personally haven't seen the top and pants.

dress, price TBA

*I personally haven't seen the dress.

H&M's Summer '14 collection features
plain and printed bikinis,
an array of poolside dresses
and chunky costume jewellery.

I already saw & bought some of them.
A lot of nice items to look out for!

All available in stores from May 1st.

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