Massage Monday: Spa Week '14

After long days of work,
I think I deserve a massage.

And what a perfect timing because it is

SPA WEEK is a bi-annual event focused on the personal health and wellness of consumers. 
Every April and October, hundreds of spa and wellness locations across North America provide two to three full-service spa treatments for just $50 each, offering everyone access to the spa and wellness lifestyle.

During this SPA WEEK EVENT from April 21-27,
participating spas each offer 3 different deals for only $50 each.

I wasn't able to book an appointment beforehand so all my top choices are already booked this week.
I called several of my favorite places such as
Red Door Spa at The Chatwal New York,
The Salon & Spa at Saks Fifth Avenue - NYC,
L'Institut Sothys New York,
My only chance is that if someone cancels.

Anyways, I needed a massage badly today so I ended up trying

"Hollywood and Gossip Girl celebrities like Leighton Meester come here to get pampered. 
At Rehoboth Spa Lounge, 
we offer variety of treatments to enhance yourself from head to toe. 
Revitalize, Rejuvenate and Relax at Rehoboth Spa Lounge. 
We offer variety of treatments personalized to fit you. 
All of our packages can be customized to fit your needs. 
Build your own from scratch? 
We have a blank canvas ready for you. 
Or you can choose from one of our various spa packages already configured to fit various needs!"

I am usually a sucker of fancy or nice-looking places.
This one definitely did not look fancy to me at all.
But hey, if celebrities come here, maybe it's worth the try.
Didn't someone say, "Do not judge a book by its cover"? ;)

So among there 3 Spa Week Treatment Offers,
I chose
For those who doesn't know what Swedish massage is, click here.

It is not a fancy place,
but it gets the work done.
My masseur did a great job on relaxing my "tight" muscles.
I was given a cold bottled water at least after the massage.
The only thing that was annoying me was that old pipe heater 
that keeps on clanking!
It was overpowering the relaxing music!

And oh! I did not have a mani/pedi,
but it is probably the biggest nail salon I've ever seen in Manhattan!

I love the real plants on the walls and ceiling. 
It gives me that natural feel.


So if you're in United States,
check SPA WEEK right now and book an appointment!

Celebrity Favorites:

Sofia Vergara (star of Modern Family) keeps her complexion consistently camera-ready with microdermabrasion facials at Skintique in Miami to smooth skin, decrease pore size and reduce hyper-pigmentation. 

Some of native Long Island’s most famous faces (Natalie Portman and Billy Joel
and even some high-priority visitors (like Christina Applegate and Paula Deen) like to unwind at nuBest in Manhasset, NY for the luxurious Swedish massage treatment.

Ellen DeGeneres, Kris Jenner and Tyra Banks frequent LA Slim Wrap for tightening wraps and some extra toning.

Former Gossip Girl Leighton Meester is known to head to Rehoboth Spa Lounge in NYC for the Swedish massage treatment there.

A small city in Indiana might not be where you’d expect to run into famous faces like Joan Rivers, Ivanka Trump and Kendra Wilkinson – but beautiful spa facility David & Mary Salon Spa brings out top clientele. David & Mary were innovators in salon make-up application, which is probably why these celebs felt they had to give it a try

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