TOPSHOPXKATEMOSS is finally out!

Kate Moss for Topshop 
is here!!!

Available in Topshop & Nordstrom
in stores and online.

For the full feature,
check my old post here.

Amidst the cold & wet day in NYC today,
I had the chance to see the collection in Topshop Soho.

The store opened at 8 AM
and the first 100 customers 
who went to the store were given a goody bag.

Fresh fruits and drinks were served.
Mimosa for me of course! ;)

I arrived around 9 AM already and didn't expect to still get a goody bag.
But I guess due to the rain,
only a few people came.
I only tried on the classic styles
as the other ones are not my style
or too long for me.
Some designs are meant for tall people unfortunately.

This is a cute dress!
The circle thingies you see in the dress are all rhinestones!

This dress is under the collection,
Cocktail Hour.
In Kate Moss' words,
"I always like to include a tea dress and it's essential to have the cocktail dresses for special occasions."
I never thought I'll like this.
This is actually my favorite!

This dress is under the collection,
Tailoring Noir.
Make it sheer glamour in 20's inspired pieces!
Even though I already own a Gatsby-ish beaded dress that I wore on my birthday party last year,
I still had to try this on.
This is fully beaded and heavy.
But oh so nice and so much fun!!!

And for a casual look,
I tried on this layered top
and scallop shorts.
I actually love the material and design 
but they should not be worn together.
They are great key pieces on their own.

How about you,
what pieces are you eyeing for?

Or if you have purchased already,
which pieces did you get?

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