Kate Hudson: As we greet her HBD, let's check out her LBD!

In honor of Kate Hudson's 35th Birthday today,
let's check out her Spring 2014 Designs exlusively for Ann Taylor

The LBD, or "Little Black Dress"
is one of those things that we learn about very early on in our relationships with fashion.
The versatile staple goes with pretty much anything,
can be worn to everything from a wedding to a job interview, and never goes out of style.

Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor

See the 4 LBDs in the collection below:

“Each dress definitely has its own personality,” Kate Hudson.

 "We designed them to fit how we all live," she shared. 
"So there's something for every occasion and everyone."

The LBD Collection by Kate Hudson Best Actress Gown , $198
Get it here
Classy and elegant LBD that will definitely make you feel like you just won the Best Actress!

 The LBD Collection by Kate Hudson Camera Ready Dress, $149
Get it here

A simple yet glamourous LBD that will make all eyes look at you like the paparazzis!

The LBD Collection by Kate Hudson Romantic Dress, $159
Get it here

Cute and pretty LBD for a date that's truly romantic!

The LBD Collection by Kate Hudson London Love Dress, $149
Get it here

Sophisticated yet sexy LBD, you'll feel the London Love in it! 


During press releases in March,
there were originally 5 LBDs in the capsule.
This was the fifth dress called
I was looking forward to see this.
I don't know why they excluded it in the collection!
Plus, no word from Ann Taylor as of yet.

It's not just Kate that's happy because it's her birthday,
you can be happy too!
Get 40% off your entire purchase for a limited time only 
in stores
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and Free Shipping on $175 or more
or $8.95 flat-rate shipping.

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So what are you waiting for,
with Kate's LBD,
anytime you can party!

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