Fairy Godmother Foundation of New York

So for my gala/halloween costume this year, I decided to join the craze of Crazy Rich Asians.
I did a DIY version of Rachel Chu’s Marchesa dress that she wore in the wedding scene.

It was easy to make. And I was thinking that most people may not even notice it
since for sure not everyone watched the movie.

And I was correct! Half of the people knew who I was dressed up as. And half thought I was dressed up as a “princess”.

my carriage back as a pumpkin after 12 MN. lol

Funny enough,  when I got a prize for one of the best dressed, the judge said, “that princess in a blue dress”. lol And he was in shock to learn that my name is Princess. That was hilarious!

Anyways,  let’s get into the purpose of the gala.
The Fairy Godmother Foundation of New York, Inc.  was created in 2017 to honor the legacy of an extraordinary young woman,  Linda Shohatee (1997-2016). 

Linda spent more than half of her life in hospitals.  Despite the obstacles she faced,  her story is one of strength and tenacity.  …

Hermes Carre Club

Welcome to the Hermes Carre Club!
On Thursday, September 13, 2018,  Hermes celebrated the global debut of the Hermes Carre Club,  a memorable experience of free-spirited exploration & collective joy.  From the reception desk where guests check in & receive their membership card,  to each point of engagement with the carre,  this dynamic venue pays a multi-faceted, participatory tribute to the beloved silk square. 
Hermes Carre Club showcases the creative energy & artistic expression  at the core of the Hermes silk universe,  highlighting the House’s contemporary vision. 

New York City went carre-zy! 
Carre Check in

"Carre" is square in French.

Carre is referred to as the silk scarf.

We met the Hermes silk artisans at the Carre Studio and saw their carre-tivity,  relaxed at the Carre Cafe,  sang our hearts out at the Carre-OK & danced the night away at the Carre Disco.  Carre Studio

being sketched by the calmest Cyrille Diatkine

Ugo Gattoni is born & raised…