A day before #EarthDay, Amazon’s Treasure Truck was special. They weren’t selling anything but instead giving away something.

For those who doesn’t know what is Treasure Truck, click here.
For their Earth Day event, they paired up with Seventh Generation.
Seventh Generation creates healthy solutions for home & the community. They help bring peace of mind to a messy world with safe & effective products. They have been creating powerful plant-based solutions for 28 years!
We personally use some of their products at home. Some of their products are even EWG-verified!
To learn more about them, click here.
Anyways, let’s get back to the Treasure Truck. If you win the Ace of Suds game, you get to win a Seventh Generation product/s.
So they gave us 2 sponges & you have to toss them in the hole.
It looks easy  but the sponge is so light apparently so not everyone gets in in the hole.

But we were good yo! lol
Unfortunately, when we saw the truck, there were only 3 items left. They…


Everyone tells me I have great hair.
And everyone thinks I go to the salon regularly.

Since it’s #EarthDay,
I want to share some of my hair not-so-secrets.

I think the key is:
I don’t do too much with it.

I had a hairstylist who recommended me not to wash my hair everyday.
Wash it every other day instead.
So I tried.
And it actually worked for me!

I also try to have a DIY hot oil at least once a month
just to give my hair some boost.

Anyways, I think washing your hair every other day is good because:
1. The hair is not exposed to the harsh chemicals of shampoo & conditioner.
2. The hair’s oil is not stripped plus the day you don’t shampoo,
the natural oil is out.
3. The amount of heat from air drying is reduced.

You get to save water.
lesser the water contamination from harsh chemicals from our hair products!

I also don’t use hair dryer during the summer.
I let Mother Nature do the drying.

So on the days I don’t shower my hair,
I style my hair differently.
And ponytails are…


I have learned about H&M’s Conscious initiative way back in 2014.
I actually have a blog post on Earth Day then which you can read here.
The #HMConscious collection is for everyone: women, men, kids & even for your home!
In the coming years, they have big goals to achieve:

On the road to get there H&M have already:
-used recycled polyester equivalent to 100 million plastic bottles -collected almost 39,683,207 lbs. of textiles in 2017  through its garment collecting initiative. That is the equivalent of 89 million t-shirts that were kept out of landfills.  -96% of their electricity came from renewable sources

So for #EarthDay, I decided to use one of my #HMConscious top.
You will know them right away when you go to H&M because they have a green tag.
Enjoying today’s weather!
Happy Earth Day!

H&M Conscious & H&M Conscious Exclusive
are two different things.

The Exclusive is more of a high end
& more expensive.

But don’t fret!

The regular H&M Consciou…


Let's hear it for Mother Earth.  OLLY formulas' delicious flavors & vibrant colors come from all natural sources.  Plus, their powerful bioactives  like phytonutrients & antioxidant extract  always come from nature's hardest working ingredients.
They get their delightful colors & flavors from all natural sources ---  hello purple carrots!
Never before has getting your daily dose of health been so  easy,  effective & fun!
They have something for everyone!
The team of experts involved behind OLLY are: 1. Naturopathic Doctor 2. Nutritionist 3. Pharmacist
Learn more about them here.
And they have a diverse team  & great ways of giving back.
Learn more here.

 I was given the opportunity to pick one of their products for free. It was such a hard decision as I wanted everything! Since I haven’t tried probiotics in a “vitamin” form,  I chose Purely Probiotic .
Purely Probiotic was designed to support healthy digestion & immune health.

So what is a …